Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

a test.. using myphone.

hi guys.. i just myphone q21 duo.and here i am testing if i could use blogger. and hey.this is a new version that i got here q21 has pink, white, and red. mine is pink.will have updates soon on this blog. ciao!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pacquiao vs. Cotto Fight

Pacquiao won again, as always, great fight, great day for Pacquiao. Thanks to him and he made Filipinos proud. I am so thrilled to see his fight with Mayweather. Hope it will be soon.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Typhoon "Ondoy" - Disaster!!!`

As far as i know typhoon Ondoy already took 40 lives here in our country, Philippines. It is really sad that lives are taken by this type of natural calamity. A lot of people are stranded outside because of the flood that on some places almost reach their heads and no one could ever go on that area anymore, even truck. I am so so lucky because this is my last day of work for this week and my shift is from 11pm to 8am this saturday, and when i got home, it started raining a bit then after wards you could now feel the presence of the said typhoon. Other tagged this typhoon as the worst rainfall in Metro Manila for this year.

MANILA - Metro Manila experienced its worst rainfall in recorded history on Saturday morning, according to a dzMM report.Quoting reports from the weather bureau, PAGASA, dzMM reporter Dexter Ganibe said Metro Manila received 341 millimeters of rain in just 6 hours, 6 am to 12 noon on Saturday.The previous worst rainfall in Metro Manila was 334 millimeters in 24 hours recorded in June 7, 1967, the report said.DZMM also said authorities have released water from Angat Dam after it reached critical levels. -- report from Dexter Ganibe, dzMM


Friday, July 10, 2009

Christian the Lion - Inspiring!

In 1969, two friends, Ace Berg and John Rendall, purchased and adopted a lion. At the time, Christian was a 35only pound cub. He had been born in a zoo. The friends raised Christian in their London home. All three became great friends!

Within a year, Christian grew too big, Rendall and Berg realized they couldn't keep him much longer. The two decided to release Chritian back ino the wild. Christian was realeased into a conservation system Africa.

In 1974, Rendall and Berg decided to visit Christian one last time despite a friend telling them that it was too dangerous because Christian might not even remember them.

The two friends flew to Kenya, anyway. When they finally arrived at the reservation, Christian showed up for a heartwrentching reunion! He even brought his mate to meet his friends!

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